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prices falling back a dollar 60. russia is one of the biggest energy producers especially for the rest of europe. and it's home for big tech names the stocks of yandex and kiwi are soaring. fear is off right now. risk is back on. but the situation is very fluid. and the beggar concern on wall street could very well be not russia but the jobs report for february. that's due out on friday, neil. >> and that's going to be one that's going to be closely monitored, lauren, thank you very much. >>> to washington. forget about the debt the president officially unveiling his budget calling for billions more in spending and it comes after one top democrat said we really can forget about cutting anything. >> there is absolutely no way we're going to cut spending. we're not going to cut education. you know, and we're not going to repeal the affordable care act. let that be known. it's not happening. >> all right. so, cutting spending is not happening. watching where all this is going down, michael? >> the budget blueprint has taken a lot of heat because it's seen as not making the tough choices a
and their policies are killing jobs, raising energy prices, harming disposable income, that's where the war is. >> this is a good distraction. daneen, thank you. good to see you. >> thank you. >> in the meantime, the governor is telling the president five years is long enough. and uh-oh, our flyers are about to hit again. sandra smith on big changes, coming up. ♪ in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.s everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ugh. geico. little help here. i need>>that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it an
grow, precisely because of ener >> absolutely. from an energy perspective, it's very important. and also from a symbolic perspective. don't forget the crimean peninsula is viewed as the heart of mother russia. there's a reason when the soviet union broke up, the russians insisted on keeping their warm water port on the black sea. that's symbolic, you go back to the mid-19th century and the crimean war. this is some place that the russians are not going to let go of without a fight. >> if you can hang on there, jennifer, i want to bring in a story and larry sab adough. these are types of unexpected events pop up when a president under pressure can raise how much we can do to respond to a crisis. most americans feel for this time does not really affect them, but it depends on how it goes, right? >> sure, and this reminds us how quickly things can change in an election year. given american public opinion about military involvement abroad in the post-iraq, post-afghanistan era, it's fair to say that americans overwhelmingly would not favor any sort of military action, perhaps sanct
important key place for energy to go to other parts of the globe, and if you're wondering how that may affect you here at home, you may already be feeling it. aaa and reporting that gas prices as a national average rose to 3.40 last night. these up 18 cents from where they were just one month ago. and analysts point out that a large percentage of that is a fear premium being priced into oil and gasoline as a result of this crisis in ukraine. neil? >> thank you, san contract. even if the situation of the ukraine is eventually calm, the impact on oil prices may not be for quite some time. here's more on that. >> you can call it cold weather, you can see a cold war. this is already impacting prices here. the one thing you really want to focus on is diesel fuel. that is where you may see the most impact. the reason is that mainly -- europe gets natural gas through the pipelines from russian. if they've get cut off they'll have to look for alternatives. that means heating oil. on top of that you have this cold weather here in the united states. that is why the demand -- that's conspiring to
with energy and special interests and the military industrial complex, all kinds of special interests. so they lead the charge. but to get total support from the people that translates into support from congress, it's usually this whole idea that it's well-intentioned and we're going to help the people that really suffer. i believe in that, but i believe that we should help the people here in this country by allowing them to keep their own money and spend their oin money that way. if they want to donate to these countries, fine and dandy. >> and by the way, you're right about that. americans will, in times of crisis and hurricanes and disasters, be them in haiti, they will get out of their own wallets. but my issue here is that a lot of times, to your point, congressman, we try to buy their love. and we only end up putting a deposit on their hatred, you know? >> that's right. it always backfires and i've always argued that foreign aid is a process where you take money from poor people, in this country, and give it to rich people in other countries. because the people never seem to be help
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5